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Hi I’m Matt. I’m just a normal guy with an addiction to posh coffee, crappy 80s films and billionaires shortbread.

I also love helping small e-commerce businesses to punch above their weight in the online world. I get a real buzz from achieving results by helping them be a little bit smarter than their competition.

Over the past 14 years, I have worked with 90+ online stores to help them convert more orders, grow their online sales whilst acquiring hugely loyal customers along the way.

My Family - The Thorpeedos

This is me with my gorgeous wife (Katy) and our awesome little dude, Jake, in Palma de Mallorca.

How I got started

My journey began in the online world in 2002. Back then, the internet was powered by two paper cups and a bit of string. It was SLOW, REAL SLOOOOOOOW. Online selling was pretty primitive and the competition level was low.

I landed a job working for a tech start-up before jumping into the world of retail. I then worked for two of the UK’s largest retail brands (one fashion and one in adults toys LOL – Yes, that was err…… interesting). But after 6 years of slogging my guts out (with very little reward or satisfaction), I couldn’t do it anymore. I had lost my motivation and my mojo.

It was time for a change of scenery so I decided to pack my bags and go it alone.

The BIG Jump

Matt jumping through some fire

It’s a daunting step leaving a safe, well-paid job to go out into the unknown world of self-employment.(You’ve probably been in this position or you may be in this position now? So I know exactly how you feel.)

Suddenly, there is no safety net, no guaranteed pay cheque at the end of the month and my neck was truly on the line. It was important that I stayed motivated, showed a bit of grit and followed my passion.

After leaving the dull corporate world I became a Professional Webshop Helper(I made that up because I’m not a fan of titles and I think the term ‘coach’ is overused by those sleazy 23-year old ‘Life Coach’ types).

Anyhow, my mission was to help e-commerce newbies and small online stores to tweak, tune, re-invigorate and grow their businesses.

From day 1, I knew I had made the right choice. Out-smarting the competition and finding new opportunities to sell more products is what I do and love best.

Small, companies (like yours) are agile, exciting and full of energy. They have some ‘skin the game’ and they also have the passion to make your business a success.

If you have this then you have an advantage and can achieve great success.

Cowboys, I hate Cowboys!

No, not the ones that shout ‘Yahoo!’ and ride horses, the other slippery types!

Working with small business is great and I love it but there was one downside that I couldn’t get over.

I didn’t have the time to help everyone.

I was being approached on a daily basis by small webshop owners with bad stories who needed my help. They had either wasted a ton of cash on Google Adwords without any real strategy, lacked the confidence to take their businesses forward or had been burned by some unscrupulous cowboy marketing agency that took a large monthly retainer and delivered diddly-squat!

Unfortunately, this is a very common story. There are so many people out there in the same position and they’ve had to learn the hard way. They are frustrated, they feel alone and they need some help.

This may be you? If so, don’t panic. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Ready to make it happen?

Webshop Mechanic is an e-commerce blog with a difference.

I’m not going to waffle on about theory from a text book. I’m going to teach you proven techniques and strategies that I’ve used with my own clients.

This is a ‘BULLSHIT-FREE‘ zone and I will only give you straight-talking advice that will enable you to improve your online business.

Be warned. I’m not here to sugar coat anything.

Running a well-oiled e-commerce store is no easy task. It’s bloody hard work! I’ve been at the sharp end, so I know.

There are no overnight tricks that will help you to make your first million.

Sorry to kill any hope on that one.


But I will teach you ways to get results by putting the right building blocks in place to grow and be successful.


No BS. Just clever stuff that works

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