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It’s time to learn how to run your ecommerce store, the right way.

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Welcome to the Webshop Mechanic Ecommerce Blog. It’s time to learn how to do ecommerce the right way.

I’m Matt Thorpe, the Webshop Mechanic. If you are just about to start in the online world or you currently run an ecommerce store and you need some help, then this page is for you. 

I am going to show you how to run and grow your online store in a sensible and profitable way. You will learn where to focus your time, efforts and marketing budget to make things happen.

I want you to learn ecommerce in the right way so you can grow a business that pays your mortgage and gives you a nest egg for you and your family in the future.

It’s time to ignore the hype, go back-to-basics and build something great, one block at a time.

So what is ecommerce?

According to Google:

“Ecommerce is a commercial transaction conducted electronically on the Internet.”

Yes, in technical terms this is true. It’s basically selling products to buyers via a desktop computer, tablet or phone (or games console if you want to go further).

But knowing that is not going to help you sell anything, is it?

What you really want what to know is what makes a successful ecommerce store and how to grow your online sales.

To be successful in ecommerce you need to align your business with a simple set of rules. The companies that have succeeded have been able to:

  • Match customers with products that solve a problem, take away their pain or make their life easier.
  • Create value around their products so people fall in love with them.
  • Build a trustworthy shopping environment.
  • Use smart automated systems to build customer relationships.
  • Adapt to your customers’ shopping habits.

In my mind, effective ecommerce is also about creating a semi-passive income system to sell your products so you don’t have to trade all of your time for money.

Damn Right!

Think about it. If you own a physical store then you only have limited opening hours, you can’t sell at night and you have high rents to pay.

In the online world, you can be open 24/7 and the cost of doing business is far lower. To run an online store you may be paying just 5-10% of the cost of running a store on the high-street.

It’s true, there is some work involved in maintaining and marketing your online store but much of it can be automated.

And that includes the selling part. You just need to be smart about it (which I’ll show you how to be).

What to expect from this blog?

You are a small business with a tight budget and limited time. You may even have no money to spend.

I’m going to share my online sales my knowledge and experience (over 14 years & 90+ online stores) to teach you how to execute things in the right way so you can avoid costly errors and get the results. I will also be calling upon the expertise of other trusted experts to teach smart strategies that have worked for them.

On this blog, you will learn:

  • How to sell more products online & increase your sales
  • How to get people to spend more with you
  • How to get customers coming back to you
  • How to market your e-commerce store for free (and a shoestring budget)
  • How to convert more orders by creating a trustworthy shopping environment

Sound good?

I’ll be honest. Don’t expect to retire over night. I’m not going to promise six-figures by next weekend and I refuse to cut corners just so you can make a few sales. But I will give you some quick wins that will help you to generate revenue quicker and more efficiently.

I’ve made it my mission to help you to create an online store that your customers will love and one that you can be proud of.

Myths about E-commerce

First off, I want to clear a few things up.

Allergic to Bullshit

Before we get started with anything, I want to dispel a few e-commerce myths that have been rattling around the internet. I want to clear these up because they are myths that have cost people large sums of money because they’ve been extremely naive from the off-set.

You need to remember that there are many ‘sharks at play‘ on the internet who promise the earth and are ready to take your money in return for ‘their magic system’. I’ve lost count of the number of six-figure gurus I’ve seen on Facebook ads or YouTube who are showing off their rented Ferraris and luxury villas with swimming pool while promising you the same.

Take note.

MYTH 1: Selling Online Is Quick Sugar (Money)

If you’ve come into the world of e-commerce just to become an overnight millionaire then you’ve already made mistake number 1. It can happen but it’s unlikely. Businesses that succeed overnight are generally backed by a ton of cash from investors. If you approach everything with an eye on the dollar sign you will never have the right mindset to make this a success.

Your focus must be on giving your customer a product that solves their problems and a website that creates an experience to set you apart from the competition.

Making money is a result of helping someone solve a problem. That mean you must be 100% committed to understanding what your customer wants.

MYTH 2: E-commerce Is Easy

e-commerce is easy

Consumers are not stupid. Most people are careful with their money because they work hard for it. They want to know that they will get value for money.

You only need to look at eBay to see how many products fail to hit the reserve price and never sell. It’s not really surprising when you see how crappy the listings are where there’s a blurry image, 2 lines of text and no real effort to sell it.

Don’t think you can just show up, throw some products on a page and expect the orders to roll in. It doesn’t happen like that.

Successful online selling is about creating value around your products so your customers fall in love with them. This game takes effort, skill (that you will learn) and perseverance (that you will also learn).

MYTH 3: You Can Sell Anything Online

E-Commerce Product Idea

Whilst almost anything can be sold online, it makes things a lot easier if your product solves a problem.

Far too many people come into the world of online retailing without a good reason to sell their products, other than to make money.

This usually happens when they source commodity products (ones where there is little value and a ton of competition) and it’s an uphill struggle to sell them that usually fails.

Take phone cases for example. These were big business back in 2010 when smartphones were fairly new but the market has moved on and is now completed saturated with cheap imports. Regardless of the brand name on the case, there is little value to this product.

You will always find somebody on Amazon who is selling the case cheaper than you can ever buy it for. The Chinese manufacturers are also selling direct now which adds to the competition levels.

When sourcing products you need to think about having a unique offering that solves your customer’s problem or takes their pain away.

MYTH 4: Customer Service Isn’t Important

Customer Service Isn't Important

Looking after your customers is the first rule of building any business. Your customers are the most important thing you have, more important than your products or services.

If you don’t have any customers, it doesn’t matter whether you have the best product in the world because you won’t sell anything.

Bad reputations get around the internet very quickly and are always on record so it’s vital you place customer service at the top of your priority list.

Your customers are everything!

Next Steps…

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I want to get you into the action immediately with some quick wins.

Whether you already have an e-commerce store or you are just about to kick things off, my FREE download will give you a 7 quick and easy strategies to get your sales moving in the right directionUPWARDS OF COURSE! 🙂

Download my guide and get 7 Pro Tips To Grow Your Sales that will help you to drive more visitor traffic, convert more orders and get customers spending more with you.

All these strategies are proven, tried and tested. GET IT NOW!

This is exciting. I can’t wait to get things started. 🙂

Thanks for being here…

I just wanted to say thanks for landing on my site and giving me a minute to explain how I can help you. Hopefully, you’ve signed up for further help and this can be the start of something pretty damn cool.

Look, I appreciate there are millions of sites on the web, all promising life-changing results with ‘secret sauce systems’. But you have to wonder. If these systems are so great and bring in so much revenue then why are they selling their secrets for just $97?

(Hmmm…….I smell something….)

I’m not promising six-figures overnight and I don’t have a magic system that will land you a Ferrari tomorrow. But I do have proven strategies, lots of experience (good and bad) and a proven track record of doing things properly to get results.

I also live in the REAL WORLD!

I’m here to help you to grow your online sales in the right way and I promise I will do my best to do that. I will also try to respond to all emails and share all the tips and advice that is whizzing around my head.

You can get started by reading my blog. If you’re a beginner then you should start by reading my first post and read in order from there. That will give you a better understanding of my approach and how we’re going to do this.

Speak Soon Guys!

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